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other  out that the traditional index funds directly copy the index, enjoy different index returns, leverage refers to the group can make use of their hort-term market isupward.Investment strategy, we continue to adhere to the principle of bottom-up, selection of individual stocks. On the stock selection criteria, we tend to invest in a good business prospects of small-cap companies, and strive between the company's growth in the share price of the security and seek a balance. On the stock-picking approach, we focus on trends in corporatenike roshe run fb mens   earnings, healthy balance sheet assets, combined PE / PB / PS / assessment of the market value of multiple perspectives, and strive to find those undervalued, large potential of the company. In addition, we will also participate in a number of themes appropriate investment, taking into account the share price of the security, our theme is to underestimate the value of the underlying investment company based.Rubric: fine management, offensive and defensive WealthCompared with foreign exchange, equities, precious metals, fixed assets, asset allocation categories, the bond has a relatively stable earnings, moderate risk, suitable for the characteristics of long-term

investment. The experience from abroad, the fixed income market is also often a country's financial markets the most important part. Investment products available in the country, although many of them short term bond market volatility, but in the medium term, the bond is an investment channels have relatively stable earnings, the risk is relatively low, relatively good liquidity. Morgan Stanley Huaxin bond funds in a "moderate, pragmatic, prudent" principle, with excellent results successfully spent 2013,2014 ups and downs in the bond market this year.Strong revenue bonds to Morgan Stanley fund I manage, for example, in 2013 the bond market continued since the bull market started in 2011, we followed the pace of the market, maintain a high leverage nike fs lite run mens   ratio, Morgan Stanley and strong corporate earnings Bond Fund debt position was as high as 132%. Enter 2013, we turned cautious views on the financial side, think the second quarter is likely to erupt systemic risk, so choose in the first quarter began to gradually reduce the position, until mid-2013, we will be strong Yield Bond Fund, Morgan Stanley corporate debt positions dropped to 35%. June 2013 "money shortage" event proves our judgment, bond yields surged, the stock market has also ushered in dramatic adjustments, still very fresh.The bond market is a market leading organization, highly consistent when we view time, market liquidity will disappear, so our principle is to make judgments, carry out

 operations are faster than the market one step. If you want to step faster than the market, the bond market will need to have a very deep understanding of bond investments do just grasp the policy side, factors such as the macro side is not enough, this is only the first step, in fact, investor behavior analysis and more is important. Look at the bond market in the first quarter of 2013, when the bull market is in a variety of factors to support the bond market to an extreme, funds face relaxed, and even into the hands of the funds to the extent of difficult shots, on the other hand, investors expect most of the good are unfulfilled, the future trend of the bond market is highly consistent optimistic. In this case we would think that is a sign of the market turning point, therefore,nike free trainer 5.0 nrg uk   we strongly lighten up in the second quarter, fought in defense of varieties, which is Morgan Stanley strong full-year earnings yield bond fund full of plans.Bonds ahead of the layout there is another reason very important to be. Trends in the bond market and stock market differ, a wave of rising trend in bonds generally be divided into three stages, the first stage is the start-up phase, the second phase is a transitional stage, the third stage is the final stage, but in fact, one of the biggest benefits is the start-up phase stage, basically accounted for about 60 percent of the entire upward trend, which is why we have repeatedly emphasized fight for bond investments

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 expected to further boost."Hong Kong and Shanghai Tong" means that China's capital account liberalization has taken a crucial step. Currently, QFII and RQFII as foreign investors to participate in the A-share market, the main channel, which accounts for the A-share market investment quota share is relatively low, but to go through layers of approval to expand the amount of incremental funding in foreign capital inflows optimistic about the A-share very limited time . "Hong Kong and Shanghai Tong" there are restrictions on the amount, but with the further opening to mature capital market conditions, the amount will be significantly improved. As Hong  nike flyknit lunar uk  ong's capital market is an open market, as long as a Hong Kong trading account, whether local or foreign investors in Hong Kong citizens can participate, so the "Hong Kong and Shanghai Tong" is actually open up global foreign funds into the A-share market channels This was the context of the implementation of quantitative easing in Europe, Japan, the more conducive to A shares.In addition to bringing incremental funding, the "Hong Kong and Shanghai Tong" for A shares A shares logic is still scarce species relative to Hong Kong stocks, species and underestimate the value of the increment can bring real business brokerage varieties. For the market as a whole, the future may appear to pay attention to the good after

 "Shanghai and Hong Kong through" policy starting gun bring short-term cash hustle and bustle, but there are also long-term foreign capital brings out the possibility of increased market volatility.Fund through theoretical CityLast week, the A-share market in the short-term shock stage, the GEM index rose 0.62 percent, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 (2551.324, -7.29, -0.28%) fell 0.25%, the number of stocks also rose and fell roughly. In terms of industries, benefit from the "all the way along," the concept of construction, transportation nike free 3.0 v2 womens   sector, as well as good performance three quarterly non-Bank Financial sector gainers, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, colored and banking sector is led by the market. Recalling the last two weeks of market trends, the speculative atmosphere is more obvious, but in China Railway Construction (6.74, 0.07, 1.05%), China Communications Construction (6.48, 0.01, 0.15%) as the representative of the broader market rose sharply construction stocks can display stock market liquidity is very loose.Macro level, after the Fed quit buying debt plan, the Bank of Japan [microblogging] announced its decision to expand the annual purchase plan asset size to 80 trillion yen, after the target of 60-70 trillion yen, a move greatly

boosted market sentiment. Domestically, China's Silk Road fund investment company to be established to promote the depth of cooperation within the Asian region, to provide support for this connection the Asia-Europe trade route along the inland market countries infrastructure and other investment, the introduction of this arrangement is to implement the President Xi Jinping put forward last year, "along the way" strategy (media said the Chinese version of the Marshall Plan). In addition, APEC meeting held in Beijing, national leaders FTAAP (FTAAP) roadmap for in-depth discussion. Last week, A shares are subject to "along the way" strategic  nike zoom terra kiger online   positive stimulus, related infrastructure stocks were good, but Friday announced the cancellation of Chinese high-speed rail Mexico tender message, so that the Chinese version of the Marshall Plan to the world cast a shadow.Looking ahead funds, real estate downward trend is not reversed, a lot of precipitation in the property market is looking for new investment channels, loose monetary policy will also allow the continuation of the downward trend in the risk-free interest rate, the SOE reform, regional cooperation will further push up the market The risk appetite of the market to support the formation and long-term

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   volatility of 1.26% of the fund, the risk is significantly less than similar products.Why can trigger early  Han Haiping said, mainly due to the strategy properly, sound risk control, andcement and so on; three are optimistic about investment opportunities in convertible bonds, especially the new turn debt varieties.It is worth noting that, in the Han Haiping view, the policy is endogenous variables of the economy. Monetary policy is a key factor affecting the future of bond investments. The short term, economic growth and inflation, these nike roshe run fb for sale  two indicators have been "passive", the most important factor in the bond market performance is not affected.Han Haiping said the stock and bond markets next year are investment opportunities, the chance of the stock market is relatively larger, and therefore relatively optimistic about investment opportunities in the secondary debt-based.Sina statement: This was announced in the media reproduced from Sina, Sina posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the description. Article contents are for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Accordingly, investors operate your own risk. Period. Moreover

 the new funds raised in the fourth quarter ahead of the majority of stock funds.Galaxy Fund [microblogging] today announced that the Galaxy Leisure equity fund raising early termination, the Fund was October 23 began to raise, raise scheduled for November 19 deadline. During recruitment, the majority of investors enthusiastically subscribed, the total fund raising of fund shares and the subscription households have reached record conditions of the fund contract in force. In order to better protect the interests of the holders, good investment management and risk control efforts, decided to raise the funds ahead of the end, that the fund subscribed  nike fs lite run womens o apply effective date of November 12 will be fully recognized, and since November 13 (including the date) onwards no longer accept subscription applications.Just a few days ago, Yinhua Fund also announced that Yinhua high-end manufacturing Flexible Allocation Fund raising began in October 16, 2014, to protect the interests of investors, the decision to raise the deadline from the original November 2014 the 12th advanced to November 7, 2014, that November 7, 2014 the last day based fund raising.Since the fourth quarter, as well as the Great Wall for a long time surplus A, GF Securities Baidu [microblogging] Baifa Policy 100 money market funds in the financial, South China Securities 500 medical and health TEF, UBS SDIC money Bao money market funds, Xin Yuan grade bond together to enjoy A

 ENTREPRENEUR future themes announced early termination of the fund raising, including partial stock funds accounted for 55.5 percent. SFC [microblogging] today announced the "Hong Kong and Shanghai through" will be next Monday (November 17) officially launched the long-awaited opening of the market the time the dust settles. Shanghai and Hong Kong through the opening time impact on the market has been relatively subtle, the market had expected, "Hong Kong and Shanghai through" the opening time for October 13, in which the expected push traditional blue chip varieties shock upstream. Then due to "account in" and other events, "Hong Kong and Shanghai through" deferred, or even any concrete timetable news, the Shanghai Stock Exchange [microblogging] also canceled a scheduled on October 25 in Shanghai and Hong Kong through the opening ceremony rehearsal, market experienced a nike free trainer 5.0 nrg men's  significant correction. But the "Hong Kong and Shanghai through" extension means is still expected, the risk of positive cash accordingly eliminated, the market up again. Although it can not be entirely attributed to the trend of the market, "Hong Kong and Shanghai through" the opening point of the change, but we can not ignore the "Hong Kong and Shanghai through" effect.Before the good will eventually become a reality, it takes time to heal inner restlessness. Today, the "Hong Kong and Shanghai Tong" officially announced the opening of the time, but just after one week, the market is inevitable restlessness, combined with the establishment of "along the way" strategy has been to stimulate the formation of this blue-chip stocks, s

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